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Date: March 2

Category: Trust in God

Isaiah 7:9b
"If you will not believe and trust and rely [on God and on the words of God's prophet instead of Assyria], surly you will not be established, nor will you remain."

Slobodan & Ljiljana KrstevskiThe German translation (Hoffnung fuer Alle, which means, ‘hope for all') says, "Trust now in Me, the Lord, and if your faith in Me does not hold you, then nothing will hold you anymore."

This is a word that the prophet, Isaiah spoke to King Ahaz. But we can take this instruction and apply it into our own lives today. This verse is written in a command form. God is not suggesting that we trust in Him. He is commanding us to trust in Him. Regardless of what challenges you face in life, this is one of the most important commands we have to obey. Sometimes when you look at your life situation, you can be moved to act in fear. In this case, King Ahaz acted in fear by connecting with a human source of help, Assyria. This was against God's will. Connecting with ungodly alliances to move forward was not God's will. So Isaiah says, "believe and trust and rely [on God and on the words of God's prophet instead of Assyria]…" So we should always trust in God first. Then He will lead us to whom we ought to connect with, and when God leads us, He will lead us to godly alliances. But we need to rely upon Him.

Let's say, for example, you choose not to trust in Him. Let's say you decide to stay connected to ungodly alliances. This verse says that "you will not be established nor will you remain." In other words, you can go your own way and do what you please, but nothing will benefit you. You will not be able to succeed. We need to have godly alliances if we are to do anything in any kind of partnership. We need to connect ourselves with other people who honor and respect God's Word. So you have to determine in your own heart that you're not going to live in an ungodly way and you are not going to rely on ungodly alliances. God and His Word should be the only thing we put complete reliance upon.

Let's say, you want to start a business and an ungodly person wants to partner up with you. If you decide to go forward with that ungodly alliance, you will see that as the business grows, you will have different ideas and opinions about doing things. It's because you're a believer and your partner isn't.

The same thing happens in marriage. When you unite your life with someone who isn't serving God, you will find that greater disagreements will arise. Your opinions will be different than your spouse's because you are walking in light while your spouse is walking in darkness. There is no natural unity because there isn't a spiritual unity. So it's important that we connect ourselves with godly believers who love and serve God.

We all desire acceptance. We all want to be successful in life, and we all want to make a difference in the lives of others. But God has a formula for how we can do that. He has a guide, an instruction book, and a manual for how we can be accepted, how we can be successful, and how we can make a difference in other people's lives. That formula is found in the Word of God. So that's why we need to connect ourselves with God's Word and do exactly what it says. Trusting God means relying upon Him and believing what He says. The way you show your trust in God is by obeying His commandments. Your obedience to God will really determine whether or not you trust Him. Faith has to find its expression through deeds. So, your act of faith will illustrate your trust in God.

Another way to show your trust in God is by disconnecting yourself from ungodly alliances. It says in James 4:7, "Resist the devil [stand firm against him], and he will flee from you." In other words, fight him. Don't give him place through ungodly alliances. Connecting with ungodly people will open a door for the devil to attack you. So resist that. Don't allow it to happen. Instead, connect yourself with God first, and He will lead you to godly alliances. Sometimes you may connect yourself with ‘so-called Christians,' but it doesn't necessarily mean that you're in God's will. That's why you need to let God lead you. So put your trust in God. Align yourself with Him, and He will direct you to the godly people He wants you to align with as well.

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