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Date: December 8

Category: Prosperity

Deuteronomy 29:9
"Therefore keep the words of this covenant and do them, that you may deal wisely and prosper in all that you do."

Slobodan & Ljiljana KrstevskiThis passage is as clear as day, yet there are some people who still misinterpret it. So today, let us examine what God is telling us through this passage. This verse teaches us three significant things. The first thing it teaches us is that we are to "keep the words of this covenant." A covenant is an agreement made between two parties. When both parties keep their side of the agreement, then they both benefit from what the agreement guarantees. But if one party breaks the agreement, then there is no benefit for them.

So God has established a covenant with us. We can see from this passage that He instructs us to keep the words of this covenant, meaning we are to obey the entire Law of God. But that can only start when we listen to the Word of God. We cannot obey God's Word if we don't know what God's Word says. So we have to read the Scriptures in order to hear what God commands us. Then once we know the commandments of God, then we are to practice them in our lives. That's the first thing that God teaches us in this passage. He wants us to keep the words of His covenant. But why does He want us to do that? Well when we keep the words of His covenant, we will receive the benefits that are included in the covenant.

Now what are those benefits? Well the second part of this verse says, "that you may deal wisely." That is the second thing that God teaches us in this passage. So when we do what the Word of God says, we become enabled to deal wisely. In other words, we will have the wisdom to make proper choices and act in a prudent way. So if you want wisdom and if you want to know how to deal with people, business, finances, etc, then keep the commandments of God. Do what the Word of God says. Wise activity on our part comes as a result of obeying the words of God's covenant.

Now what do those wise dealings result in? Well in the last part of this verse we read, "and prosper in all that you do." That's the third thing that God teaches us in this passage. Those wise actions that you will take as a result of keeping the words of this covenant will in turn bring about prosperity in everything that you do. So no matter what you decide to do, whether it is to study, start a business, build a house, etc, you will have the guarantee of success and prosperity in that venture. That's the result of dealing wisely. But again, you cannot deal wisely unless you have first kept the commandments of God because wisdom comes from God's Word.

But it's not good enough to just know of the Word of God. You have to know from the Word of God. In other words, God has to speak to you from His Word. So when you sit down to read the Word, ask God to open your mind, your heart, and your spirit so that you will hear His voice speaking to you as you read His Word. When you do that, then you are allowing the Spirit of God to transform your mind (Romans 12:2) to line up your thoughts with the Word of God. Then when you put what you've learned from the Word into practice in your life, that's when you'll begin to deal wisely. That wise and prudent activity will result in prosperity in everything that you do because success always follows wise activity.

But some people misunderstand this verse. Some people want prosperity, but they don't want to do what it takes in order to prosper. Other people say that as soon as they receive prosperity, then they'll start to obey God. But it doesn't work that way. God clearly instructs us in this verse that first we are to keep the words of this covenant, meaning we are to obey all His commandments. Then we will deal wisely and as a result of that, we will have prosperity in all that we do. What God is teaching us in this verse is very simple. He has established a covenant with us. Now if we will only keep His covenant, then we will reap the benefits that His covenant includes.

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