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Date: January 13

Category: Follow God

Ezekiel 22:6-7, 12b
"Behold, the princes of Israel in you, every one according to his power, have been intending to shed blood. In you have they treated father and mother lightly; in the midst of you they have dealt unjustly and by oppression in relation to the stranger; in you they have wronged the fatherless and the widow." "..and you have greedily gained from your neighbors by oppression and extortion and have forgotten Me, says the Lord God."

Slobodan & Ljiljana KrstevskiIn these Scriptures, we read about God's promise of punishment on the Israelites because they have forgotten Him. At the time, the children of Israel were probably going to the temple, bringing sacrifices, and singing songs. But aside from that, they were also living their own lifestyles. It says in verse 7a that they treated their father and mother lightly. So along with forgetting God, they didn't care about their parents either. Then it says in verse 7b that they dealt unjustly with strangers and brought oppression upon them. Not only that, but it also says that they wronged the fatherless and the widow.

Then it says in verse 8 that the Israelites profaned the Sabbath. Verse 9 says, "In you are slanderous men who arouse suspicions to shed blood, and in you are they who have eaten [food offered to idols] upon the mountains; in the midst of you they have committed lewdness." So not only did they eat food that was offered to idols, but they were actually engaged in a religion that promoted immoral sex. Women were freely having sex with all kinds of men. Verse 10 even says that men had sex with their father's wives and with women who were ceremonially unclean. Then it says in verse 12 that they accepted bribes to shed blood, and they greedily took from their neighbors. So the children of Israel had forgotten God and involved themselves in all kinds of immoralities.

If any of these immoral acts are a part of your lifestyle, then you cannot expect God to bless and protect you. In fact, you can expect God to punish you. That's exactly what He did with the nation of Israel. You should never do any of these things. They are abominable to God. The Word of God teaches you clearly what you are not to do. Use the Word of God like a mirror. Use it to examine yourself and your lifestyle. Are you doing any of the things that the Israelites were doing as described in these passages? If you are, then you can expect God's punishment.

In this case, the punishment of God was severe. God brought about war against the Israelites. Through that, the people experienced hunger and pestilences. So those who didn't die in the war died by hunger or pestilences. A very small number of people turned back towards the Lord, and when they did, God protected them. So learn from this example. If you live a sinful lifestyle, then you need to change your ways. Then and only then will He be able to protect you. If you want God to remember you, then you have to remember Him. But if you forget God, then He will forget you.

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