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Date: September 7

Category: Faith Expressed Through Actions

Zechariah 7:13
"So it came to pass that as He cried and they would not hear [He said], So they shall cry and I will not answer, says the Lord of hosts."

Slobodan & Ljiljana KrstevskiThis is a warning to everybody. Throughout Israel's history, we see that the Lord cried out to the people by sending the prophets to preach to them. The prophet's job was to speak the word of the Lord to the nation and encourage them to repent. But very often, the people didn't listen. In verses 9-10 we read, "Thus has the Lord of hosts spoken: Execute true judgment and show mercy and kindness and tender compassion, every man to his brother; and oppress not the widow or the fatherless, the temporary resident or the poor, and let none of you devise or imagine or think evil against his brother in your heart."

So God wanted them to execute true judgment and show mercy, kindness, and compassion toward people. Also, the Lord said that the people were not to oppress the widow, the orphan, the stranger, or the poor. Even today, there's a tendency for people who are better off financially to oppress those who aren't doing so well. That oppression doesn't please God. Then it says that God didn't want the people to speak, think or imagine any evil against one another. So in other words, God used the prophet to tell the people to be in good relationship with others. Those were His cries to the people.

But in verse 11 we read, "But they refused to listen and turned a rebellious and stubborn shoulder and made heavy and dull their ears that they might not hear." So even though God cried out to them through the prophets, they still rebelled. They still did what was contrary to God's Word. As a result, we read in verse 13, "So it came to pass that as He cried and they would not hear [He said], So they shall cry and I will not answer, says the Lord of hosts." So when difficulties came, they would cry out to God but He would not answer their prayers because they didn't care about other people. They didn't care for the marginalized people within society, such as the widows, orphans, strangers, and the poor.

Instead, they oppressed those people, meaning they did everything they could to take even more from them. That selfishness was displeasing in the sight of God. God warned them to stop and to change their ways. But they didn't listen. As a result of their disobedience, God closed His ears to their cries and didn't answer their prayers. We can learn so much from the example found in this passage. If we don't obey what God tells us to do, then we can't expect God to answer our prayers. If we don't listen to what He has to say, then how can we expect Him to listen to what we have to say? Our relationship with people is going to bear a consequence in our relationship with God. So if we need help, but we haven't taken the time to help others, then God says that we will cry out, but He won't hear us. But the same is true for the opposite. If we listen to God's cries and help the widow, the orphan, the stranger, and the poor rather than oppressing them and if we stay in good relationship with one another, then God will in return hear our cries and answer. The way we relate to people has a tremendous impact on the way God relates to us.

So today, let's take to heart what God says here. Let's listen to His cries and His commandments and let's obey Him. Our obedience to the Lord will be revealed once we execute true judgment, show mercy, kindness and compassion, help the widow, the fatherless, the stranger, and the poor, and stop devising evil against one another. All those actions will prove our obedience to the Lord. When we do those things, we are answering the cry of God. As we answer God's cries, He will answer ours.

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