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Date: July 25

Category: Wisdom and Understanding

Proverbs 3:15-17
"Skillful and godly Wisdom is more precious than rubies; and nothing you can wish for is to be compared to her. Length of days is in her right hand, and in her left hand are riches and honor. Her ways are highways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace."

Slobodan & Ljiljana KrstevskiThis is such a beautiful passage. We can learn so many things through this passage. It says in verse 15a, "Skillful and godly Wisdom is more precious than rubies…" Some people seek after rubies and other costly stones; they even seek after gold and silver. But skillful and godly wisdom is far more precious than all of those things. Regardless of how expensive those items can be, wisdom has much greater value. Verse 15b even says, "and nothing you can wish for is to be compared to her." Even anything that we could possibly desire is not as precious as wisdom. Some people work so hard just to have a nice car, a big house, or expensive holidays. But all of those things are nothing in comparison to wisdom. When we die, we're going to leave all of those things behind anyway. We're not going to take all the gold, silver, and money with us. All those things will stay here.

We read in verse 16a, "Length of days is in her right hand…" So wisdom is what will give you lengthened days, not your money. It doesn't matter how much money you have, that money isn't going to make you live long. That money can't buy you more life on the earth. Only skillful and godly wisdom will lengthen your days. But not only that, there is something that else wisdom will do for us.

Verse 16b says, "and in her left hand are riches and honor." People are always looking to prosper. They focus on working hard to gain wealth and riches, but they don't focus on wisdom. They put all their energy and time into work that they don't put any effort into gaining wisdom. But it says here that wisdom is what will bring riches and honor. So along with receiving lengthened days, we will also get riches and honor because of that skillful and godly wisdom. But our focus should always be on gaining wisdom first.

As you gain wisdom, God will teach you how to prosper. He will give you creative ideas. He will lead and guide you to make proper decisions with your money. Through those wise decisions, you will gain riches and honor. Anybody can become rich. The average number of hours you work in a week is enough time for you to become rich, regardless of what you do for a living or how much you're paid. Anybody can become wealthy. It's just a matter of seeking after wisdom first and following God's guidance and direction.

Then we read in verse 17, "Her ways are highways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace." The way of wisdom is pleasant and peaceful. Some people are looking for happiness and they often go into immorality to find it. They often go into drugs, alcohol, or sexual immorality to find pleasure. Yet those things will only destroy their lives. Those things will shorten their days and steal from their riches and honor. But it says here that the ways of wisdom are the highways of pleasantness, and the paths of wisdom are peace.

So skillful and godly wisdom is so important to have. We can see the benefits that wisdom has on our natural life, such as lengthening our days and bringing us riches and honor. But we can also see the benefits in our spiritual life as well, such as bringing us pleasantness and peace. But another important thing to learn is that in the wisdom literatures, skillful and godly Wisdom actually represents Jesus Christ. So in these passages, we can substitute the words, "skillful and godly Wisdom" with "Jesus Christ" and still be accurate. Christ is more precious than rubies or any silver or gold. Christ is the One who lengthens our days. Christ is the One who brings us riches and honor. And in Christ we will find pleasantness and peace. As I said, this is a beautiful passage to study. Through it we learn so many great insights about wisdom, but also about our Lord.

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