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Date: June 4

Category: The Goodness of God

Genesis 1:25b
"And God saw that it was good (fitting, pleasant) and He approved of it."

Slobodan & Ljiljana KrstevskiWe read the same thing in verse 12 and in verse 18. God looked at what He created and noticed that it was pleasant. The German translation (Hoffnung fuer Alle, which means, ‘hope for all') says that He rejoiced in it, meaning He was happy about it. When you examine the seven days of creation, you'll notice that the Bible doesn't say God rejoiced over everything He created. Instead, there were specific things that He rejoiced over. For example, verse 12 says that He rejoiced over the fruit of the land. So we should rejoice over fruitful land as well. It's okay and appropriate to have fun and enjoy nature. People today often rejoice when they see fruit coming up from their gardens. When we rejoice, we are sharing in that same joy that God had.

Another thing that God enjoys is found in verse 18. It says there that He enjoyed the days, the new year, and the seasons. So when a new day comes, God is happy about it. When a new year comes, God is joyous about it. When a new season arrives, God rejoices over it. If God rejoices over those things, so should we.

Lastly, in verse 25, it says that God finds joy in animals. So, we too should find joy in animals as well. In Proverbs 6:6 it says, "Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider her ways and be wise!" We should learn from them – examine how they prepare for the winter by gathering food. So God is joyful about the animals.

When you read the German translation, it's interesting to notice that those were the things that God rejoiced over: the fruit of the land; the days, years, and seasons; and the animals of the world. After God created everything else, the Bible says that He just observed those things. So, maybe I could ask you, "Do you have time to stop and smell the roses?" In other words, do you have time to enjoy what God has given you? Do you stand in front of a tree or a flower and notice how beautifully it was created?

Years ago, I met a man who was a musician. He was a wonderful classical guitarist. One day, a man came up to him and said, "My my, you are quite a special guitarist. You know how to play the guitar so well. It's so beautiful what you do." But the guitarist took a piece of grass and held it up to the man and said, "but not as beautiful as this. I could never create something like this."

Anything that God creates is far better and far more beautiful than anything our own hands can create. God creates people and they're far more beautiful than the houses we create. God creates mountains and rivers, and they're much nicer than anything we can make. So, if God enjoys nature, He is telling us that we ought to enjoy it as well. Don't spend all of your time working or getting caught up in the cares of this life. Take a moment to stop and smell the roses. If God took time to observe the nature that He created, then we should take the time to observe it as well.

I remember hearing a story about two guys debating on whether or not God really existed. One guy believed in God, while the other guy kept denying His existence. So, they both decided to climb the highest mountain in the world to see if they could find God. When they reached the top of the mountain, the unbeliever says, "You see? There is no God here. There's nothing here but nature." But the believer says, "What a wonderful Creator we have. I feel so much closer to God now." It is obvious that the believer saw God in nature.

Think back to the story of Job. Job's friends were complaining against him while Job was trying to defend himself. So Job asked God to reveal Himself. But when God answered, He said, "Look at the big animals and the universe. Who are you in comparison?" Because Job saw all of those greatnesses of God, he said, "I've heard you before, but now I see you face to face." That was because he saw God in nature.

Another example is found in Romans 2. Paul says that those people who don't believe in God can know the qualities of God and the nature of God through creation. Of course, full and complete revelation of God is through Jesus Christ, but we can know much about God through nature. So, it's very important that you and I take the time to stop and smell the roses. Stop and enjoy nature; stop and enjoy all of God's creation. In doing so, we can identify with God's nature.

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