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Date: March 11

Category: Setting Goals

1 Kings 9:1, Ezra 5:8b
"When Solomon finished the building of the Lord's house and the king's, and all he desired and was pleased to do." "This work goes on with diligence and care and prospers in their hands."

Slobodan & Ljiljana KrstevskiIn a German translation called Hoffnung fuer Alle, (which means, ‘hope for all'), 1 Kings 9:1 says, "Solomon built the temple and the palace and also reached his goals." In Ezra 5:8b, the German translation says, "They worked with a goal and that's why they prospered in whatever they did."

The common theme found in both these passages is that both Solomon and the Israelites (who came back to Jerusalem after exile) had specific goals and worked towards reaching those goals. There were certain desires that they had, something they wanted to accomplish. In Ezra, we read that it was their hard work and diligence that allowed them to prosper.

If you don't have a purpose in your life, it's like navigating without a chart; it's like driving without a map. You never know where you're going. If you don't have a major purpose or goal in life, it's possible that you could still get to where you want to be but most likely you would just drift through life aimlessly.

As you grow, your purposes will grow as well. When you reach a goal, usually that motivates you to want to reach another. We, as human beings, were created to always be progressing in life. That's why it's important to carefully plot and plan what you want to do in your life and how you want to do it. That way you will be in the right direction.

When you're in school, you should never be satisfied with the marks you have. You should always want to improve your marks and earn even better marks. When you're working, you should never be satisfied with your average performance. You should always try to do a better job than before – even better than what's expected of you. When you start building your life through marriage and children, you want to have all the finances that you need to buy a house, a car, pay the bills, and care for your family. But once you reach those goals, you should make even greater goals and work towards reaching those.

If you get to a point where you're completely satisfied with where you are in life, you will begin to slack off. You will start to regress in life. If you don't constantly push yourself to go forward, eventually you will start going backwards. There is no such thing as a standstill position in life. That is with school, work, relationships, finances, etc. It's with everything in life. If you don't always work to improve your situation, your situation will begin to get worse. You're either reaching your goals or you're going nowhere. You're either succeeding or you're failing.

So regardless of what level you have reached in your studies, your career, your finances, or your relationships (including your relationship with God), you should never just settle with where you are. Always strive to achieve more. Always strive to gain more. Never stop learning. That's why goal setting is so important. When you begin to set goals for yourself, your life now has a focus; your energy gets put into reaching those goals. Once you reach those goals and begin to set even greater goals for yourself, your focus gets put on those goals. And the progression continues. So remember to always expect more in life.

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