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Date: January 27

Category: Faith Expressed Through Actions

Genesis 15:6
"And he [Abram] believed in (trusted in, relied on, remained steadfast to) the Lord, and He counted it to him as righteousness (right standing with God)."

Slobodan & Ljiljana KrstevskiGod made Abraham a promise in this chapter. God told Abraham that he was going to have many children. To a man who had difficulties having children because of his old age, God said in verse 5 that He was going to give him children. But when you look at this situation in the natural, meaning when you look at it on a human level, this looks impossible. It can't be done. But when God speaks, anything can be done. No matter what your mind says or what you see in your life situation, anything can be done when God speaks. In this case, God is speaking to Abraham.

A wonderful thing about this story is that Abraham did not look at what could not be done. He didn't limit himself to what he thought was possible. He set his heart on what God promised. So because God promised him children, Abraham took God's promises seriously. He believed God. There are different words used to describe how Abraham believed in God. It says that he trusted in God; he relied upon Him, and he remained steadfast to Him. Despite what anybody else said, Abraham knew the promise of the Lord would come to pass.

Because Abraham trusted in the promises of God, God counted it to him as righteousness. In other words, Abraham had right standing with God because he trusted in Him. That's the only way you can have right standing with God – by having faith, by trusting, by believing in God.

We should have the same mentality as Abraham when we are in a life situation. When everything and everyone tells you that you can't get through it, just know that your God is with you. Start quoting what God says because what God says will always happen. If you make wrong choices in your life, God promises to punish you. The Scriptures say that if you squander all of your money, you will be poor. If you waste all of your time, you'll be foolish.

So start speaking what God says. Then follow your words by obeying God. Your actions will show whether or not you believe what you speak. James wrote that faith without works is dead. So if you want your faith to be alive, you have to act upon it. Because your faith is in the Word of God, you personally have to obey God's Word. That is what will bring you into the right relationship with God. Only when you are in the right relationship with God will you be in the right relationship with people.

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