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Zucra is a Christian sister who has just recently come to know the Lord. When we went to visit her, she shared that her life is very difficult. The unemployment rate in that area is very high; it’s over sixty percent. Her husband doesn’t always have a job. When he doesn’t have a job, he has to go to the garbage dumps and collect whatever he’s able to collect, whether it is cardboard, paper, or metal sheets, and he tries to sell those things in order to provide for his family. But that’s not enough.


We want to encourage you to pray for Zucra and her family, for the small Christian community in that area, and also for the wider community that are all living in utter poverty. Pray that many more people will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and that God would prosper them with jobs, food, clothing, and anything they may need.

We also want to ask you to consider helping Zucra and her family. If you’re able to help, please stretch out your hand and be generous. Her family needs all the essentials for living. And we can’t provide her with those things unless we hear from you.


It says in Proverbs 21:13: “Whoever stops his ears at the cry of the poor, he will also cry out, but shall not be heard.” If we want God to hear our cries, we should hear the cries of the poor and the needy. When we provide for people in need, we’re actually speaking, sharing, and showing the love and fear of God in our hearts.

In James 2:14-18, we read that we are to prove our faith through deeds. If we don’t do good deeds then our faith is dead. The way we prove our faith is by doing good deeds to others. If we see people in need and we close our eyes and ears and do nothing about it, then God says in His Word that our faith is worth nothing.

We’ve seen people who don’t have food to eat, don’t have clothes to wear, don’t have medication, and don’t have a stove to warm themselves up. They are in such desperate conditions. Their hearts are crying out to God for help. And God will help them, but through us. Maybe you can send a one-time donation of $200 to help a family for a month. Maybe you can help a few families with a larger donation. We urge you to do whatever you can right now. There is nothing we can do unless we hear from you.