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Zoran and Vesna: a light in their neighbourhood of darkness

Rev. Krstevski with Zoran and Vesna Pandurov and their four children

Zoran and his wife, Vesna share four children altogether. They both work very hard in order to survive. Together, they go and collect metal sheets from the garbage dumps and try to sell them in order to buy bread.

They live in a little shack house similar to a hut in Pancevo, 12 km north of Belgrade. They have no sewage, no running water, and no electricity. Their winters are just as cold as our winters in North America, and with no electricity or heat, this is a challenge for them.

As the Word was preached, the Holy Spirit convicted their hearts. They responded to the preaching of the Word and praise God, they now call Jesus their Savior. Soon afterwards Slobodan baptized them in the river Danube.

As Rev. Krstevski spent more time with them, he learned that they were living together in a common law relationship. So, he taught them from the Word that the Lord’s will for their lives, as believers in Christ now, is to be married.

The happy couple

When Rev. Krstevski returned to preach in that area again in December, the couple approached him and said, “We want to be married. Will you marry us?” So Rev. Krstevski was delighted to marry them. But being as poor as they were, this couple could not afford anything special to wear for their wedding.

So Shining Light Ministries provided them with clothes to wear and also provided for their wedding rings. As Rev. Krstevski spent more time with this couple again, he learned that both Zoran and his wife smoked. So he began teaching that not only is smoking costly, but it’s also dangerous to their health and it isn’t in accordance to the Word of God. From there, both Zoran and Vesna stopped smoking. God completely delivered them from the habit!

Rev. Krstevski observes the kissing of the bride

When Rev. Krstevski visited that community again in March, he met with the couple again to see how they were doing.

Vesna answered, “We are so blessed!”

Yet, Rev. Krstevski noticed that their physical circumstances haven’t changed much. They still had to go to leave early in the morning and collect from the garbage dumps and come home late in the evening with not much to survive on. They were still poor. None of the natural things have changed. But what did change was their hearts.

“All of our neighbors know us because of our former lifestyle – before we became Christians. My husband, Zoran, was a drunkard. So he would spend most of our money on alcohol. He was also an adulterer. He used to go from woman to woman all through the neighborhood, but he doesn’t anymore,” Vesna explained.

Zoran and Vesna in their wedding clothes

She then goes on to describe the neighbors response to Zoran’s change. “They ask why he isn’t with other women and why he doesn’t drink or smoke anymore,” she says.

As she testified, we could see how their lives have changed as a result of accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and applying God’s Word into their lives.

Just then, Zoran looked over and proclaimed, “I want everyone to have what I have – the peace and joy found in Jesus Christ!” We praise God for this household salvation!

The majority of their neighborhood is still in spiritual darkness, but Zoran and his family have become a light for Jesus in that area. Not only have they opened their shack house for Rev. Krstevski to teach whenever he visits the area, but they also gather together and have Bible Studies of their own.