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Serbian Church Plant

These people received humanitarian aid a year ago from Shining Light Ministries. This year a church plant was started amongst them as a result of those efforts.

This was again a very fruitful harvest in God's kingdom. We ministered in four cities in Serbia: Belgrade, Pancevo, Zemun and Kacarevo. We have again seen the hand of our God move the hearts and minds of the young and old and anyone in between. As the Word was preached, how there is hope in Jesus' name, the love of God was manifested. You see many mothers that we met were broken-hearted because they saw their children's lives wasting away due to lack of nutritious food, water, shelter, and protection from cold and rain.

"If we only had bread," some of them said, "we would be so happy." Mothers with small children frequently asked, "Do you have baby bottles or baby clothes or anything?" Malnutrition was high. There was no sewage and no running water.

A woman receives clothing from SLM
They lived at the edge of the town, close to open fields in their humble shack houses. Some were made of cardboard, with a few sticks of wood to hold it in place and plastic on the top. Car tires were on top of the plastic to keep the plastic from being blown away by the wind.

We saw, with our own eyes, children not only lacking in food, but lacking in everything else too. The girls and boys were running around with no shoes and no clothes on, sitting together naked. They did not know shame. They had only their own skin on them. That was it. By God's grace, many of you as partners have been praying for this area and for these people. Again, we had the privilege of bringing many needed hats, gloves, scarves, socks and quite a bit of good clothes for the children, both young and old. There were special toys for the little ones too. Medicine for mothers and their families, and food had been shared also.

All of that has happened because the Holy Spirit moved your hearts, and you acted in obedience to Him. You have been sowing in a fruitful ground because the harvest is continuing for God's glory. You see, out there at the edge of the town is where the town's people usually don't set foot. But the love of Christ moved our feet to go out onto the field under open skies. Rev. Krstevski brought a message of hope in Jesus Christ. Mothers with young children and newborn babies were sitting in the open field. The elderly came also. Soon after, a circle formed.

David Krstevski gives out packages for children provided by SLM

Children started to receive Jesus in their hearts, bowing their heads and praying the sinner's prayer. Altogether, there were 52 children. It was a wonderful sight. Then 89 adults followed the example of the children, bowing their heads and asking Jesus to come into their hearts also. Praise God! We had a church meeting outside at the edge of the town in open field - all of them, and us with our mighty God in the mist of everyone. Many cried because unspeakable joy came into their hearts, and new hope sprung up for the future.

The mothers received the packages for the newborn babies, which had two baby bottles, Vaseline, baby soap, baby powder, baby socks, a baby blanket, soothers etc.

This refugee widow is holding her son and she
has no place to go. She collects from the garbage to survive.
Even though it was summer, there were many joyful faces with winter hats on their heads, scarves around their necks, and gloves on their hands. Winter is coming and in cold weather, these are precious things when your shelter is only a piece of cardboard.

In another area, we went to the homeless. These people lived under a bridge. There were over 500 families there. Many of them had four to eleven children. It was a sight to behold. In the eyes of this world, there was nothing there that could be called beautiful. We met some of the people; many of them were refugees who have lost everything. (A refugee on the Balkans means you are completely on your own with very little or no government assistance). Not only did they lose their possessions, their houses, and their jobs but they even lost their loved ones.

The first ever church meeting in a shack in Belgrade, Serbia

A mother was crying and said, "This was my daughter; I will never see her again." We talked to a Muslim man, and he led us into his humble shack, which he called home. We were all sitting on the dirt floor with a few other families and individuals; small children came in too. It was pretty stuffy inside, but they were all hungry -hungry for the Word of God. The stuffiness and the heat didn't stop them from coming because the hunger was so great. They were hungry to hear where that hope comes from, and who can help them.

These people that live under the bridge, both young and old because of their circumstances often say, "There is no hope for us. We do not exist." The spirit of depression and witchcraft is so strong within that area, you can feel it.

Rev. Krstevski hands out packages provided by SLM for newborn babies and pregnant women
Nevertheless, we knew that our mission was to spread the good news of Jesus Christ that breaks the chains of witchcraft and the evil spirit bondage. Some people have even threatened that if we came we would be stoned. One of our brothers in the Lord was pretty scared, but Rev. Krstevski had full confidence in our mighty God, and so we went anyway.

Rev. Krstevski preached the Word in that shack. Their eyes and ears were opened wide. All of them were from a Muslim background. Most of them raised their hands indicating that they wanted to receive Christ in their lives, and that was what they did that day. The owner of the shack received Christ, and his whole family did also. He testified to Rev. Krstevski that a year ago, his wife received flour for making bread through Shining Light Ministries, and it blessed his entire family. A brand new church has been birthed in this little shack, which is the meeting place of worship as we speak. Praise God! The devil is losing territory!

A happy boy received a winter hand-knitted hat from SLM

A boy is happy to get a baby bottle

A mother with children receives basic clothing package from SLM

A contented mother and child receiving humanitarian aid from SLM