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Rafeta and Grand Daughter

In Zemun, Serbia, there’s an old widow named Rafeta who lives under very difficult conditions. When we visited her, she was just on her way back to her shack house after collecting from the garbage dumps. She was pulling a wagon full of all the things she found and immediately began showing us what she was able to collect.


“I found some bottles, bread, cardboard, and a toy for my grand daughter to play with,” Rafeta said. “This is how I have to live because there aren’t any jobs here and I don’t have any social assistance.”

When we took a closer look at the bread she found, we saw that it was all mouldy and stale. But Rafeta was happy to have found it because at least she had something to eat. Not only that, but she was happy that she could feed her hungry grand daughter who often comes over asking for food.


As we spoke with Rafeta, we learned that she had a number of health problems, such as high blood pressure, problems with her eye sight, problems with her knees, and a heart condition. Although she requires medication for these health issues, she doesn’t have the money to purchase any.

There is such a tremendous need for Rafeta and her family. “We don’t have wood to warm ourselves,” she said. “We don’t have flour to bake bread. We have nothing. I think we are the poorest people in this town.”


Not long ago, we were able to distribute bags of 55 pounds of flour to over 600 families in another community nearby. We would love to do the same thing in Rafeta’s community. But we need your help.

We also want to provide these people with an entire winter’s supply of firewood, which would cost $750 per family. But again, we can’t do anything unless we first hear from you. So we want to encourage you to help us buy flour and firewood for Rafeta and her family and other desperate people in that community who are struggling to survive.


“I want to greet all of you in North America,” Rafeta said. “May God bless everyone who is willing to help us.”

In James 1:27 we read: “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their affliction.” That is what’s upon God’s heart. We want to encourage you to do what is upon His heart. Stretch out your hand and say, “I want to do the will of God. I want to help the poor and needy.” Do it today. God has a great blessing in store for those who will be agents of His blessing to others.