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Open-Air Meetings in Zagreb, Croatia

I used to study theology in Zagreb, Croatia during the communistic era. At the time, it was not possible to freely express the confession of your personal faith in Jesus Christ. You couldn’t imagine having open-air meetings and preaching about Jesus in those meetings. Even though, by that time, I have been doing open-air meetings for nine years during the communistic period in several European countries, such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, and Great Britain, I was not allowed to have these meetings in the country of Yugoslavia itself.

Open-air meeting in Zagreb, Croatia

However, since the breakup of Yugoslavia, five new countries have emerged and new democratic governments have been installed, which has also brought religious freedom. It has been a privilege for me to participate this summer with a group of young people in an open-air meeting near the riverbank of Sava (the largest river in Croatia that goes through Zagreb). Together, we raised our voices in praise to the Lord. As the Gospel was preached several people came to know the Lord. PTL!