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Poor Widow Receives New Home

It wasn’t that long ago that Jenka, a poor elderly widow with four children, was living in a tiny shack house in Leskovac, Serbia, which had holes all over the walls and ceiling, no front door, and just a mud floor. The first time Rev. Krstevski visited Jenka, he listened as she shared about her fears of living in a house that was on the verge of falling apart.


“I’m afraid to stay inside the house because if a strong wind comes or a lot of rain, the house might fall on top of me,” she said to Rev. Krstevski during his first visit with her. Then Jenka paused for a moment to wipe the tears that couldn’t help but stream down her face. And after releasing a hopeless sigh, she had nothing else to say. Immediately, God burdened Rev. Krstevski to do something about Jenka’s situation. So SLM shared the need with you partners, and many of you began to pray for her.


The second time Rev. Krstevski visited Jenka he learned that her shack house did in fact fall apart, leaving her and her four children with no place to live. As their only resort, Jenka and her children lived outside someone else’s porch, sleeping on an old torn-up cushion.


With tears of desperation in her eyes, Jenka described her situation to Rev. Krstevski. “Our house has been destroyed, so we’re sleeping on the ground now,” she said as she limped toward her old cushion to sit down. “We don’t have bread to eat. We have nothing. I’m also sick and I don’t have medication,” she continued.


But just when Jenka had lost all hope, God used His people to bring a miracle into her life. SLM was able to finish building Jenka’s house! When Rev. Krstevski visited her again in July, he saw how joyful she was to be able to sit inside her new home. With tears in her eyes, this time tears of joy, Jenka extended her gratitude to SLM partners who helped her with finishing the new home. “Thank you, my son. Thank you very much and your partners for your help. May God give you life and health,” she said.


This type of outreach provides a wonderful opportunity to spread the gospel of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ. In James 1:27 we read: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress.” When we help widows and orphans, we cannot but be in God’s will. Please pray and consider what God would lead you to do at this time. SLM needs your help to continue reaching these desperate people.