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Durminka Zdravkovic

Durminka is a refugee from Bosnia who comes from a Muslim background. When we visited her area, we brought a truckload of food to distribute to the refugees. She was one of those who came to receive aid. During that time, we also preached a message about Jesus Christ, and she was one of the 105 people who received the Lord Jesus into her heart. But even though her heart has changed, her living conditions haven’t.


“I have been a refugee for nine years,” Durminka said. “The house that I live in is very old and ruined. It only has three rooms in it, and there are 13 people from three families living in that house.”


Durminka has five children living with her. Two of her sons are married and have two children of their own. All 13 of them live in a tiny, three-room, rundown house that was abandoned because no one wanted to live in it. The house has cracks all over the walls and ceilings. There are holes everywhere, which allow rats to come through at night and bite the children. And the roof leaks every time it rains.


Durminka shared with us that she has tried to get assistance from anywhere possible, but she hasn’t been successful. “We have pleaded with local TV as well as with the government for help, but we have received no help from anybody,” she said. “I know that only God can help us now.”


Now that she’s a Christian, she knows that it’s only God who will help her and her family. We pray that God will move your heart to do something for Durminka. We need to provide sufficient food and firewood for this family. It would cost $200 to provide basic food supplies for one month and another $750 to provide a winter’s supply of firewood. We want to encourage you to partner with us and help this family who is struggling to survive. Your help would truly make a difference between life and death.


Please do not hesitate. Please do not sit back and wait for someone else to help these people. What if everybody else did that? If everybody just sits back and does nothing, then nobody would be helped. God has promised in Luke 6:38a: “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.” God promises to bless us with abundance when we give to others. Please open your heart and give something to bless these dear people.