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Draginja from Serbia

Draginja Jovovic, mother of eight children, receives Christ

I boarded a bus to travel from Vienna to Serbia, a trip that would take eighteen hours. We had to pass through Hungary so Customs Officers stopped our bus at the border.

As we were waiting for our papers to be cleared a Gypsy woman tried to beg money from the bus passengers, subsequently being rejected by everyone. As she approached me I said, "I have no money to give you, if I give you money today, you will continue to come and beg for more money. I do not believe that is good for you." She said she would not return.

The Gypsy woman's name was Draginja Jovovic. She was 49 years old, had been married 35 years and had 8 children. One of her 8 children committed suicide so her husband abandoned her.

Draginja Jovovic, mother of eight children, receives Christ

She was left alone without any financial support to care for a family of seven children. As I spoke with her my compassion increased. I remembered Peter's words to the beggar at the Temple in Acts 3: 6, "I have neither silver nor gold, but I will give you what I have" I also remembered that I could offer Draginja the hope of the Gospel. I quickly explained that what I had to give her, if she was interested in taking it, was far better than money. I could offer her Jesus Christ, who would give her new hope, a new goal and a new direction in her life. To my surprise Draginja immediately said she wanted Jesus Christ. I explained the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His death on our behalf, and resurrection from the dead for our justification to Draginja and she prayed the sinner's prayer after me. I had spent a mere ten minutes with her and yet she was ready to accept Christ. I gave Draginja a tract entitled, "How to Have Peace with God", that would confirm the prayer she had prayed that day.