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Dobrila Jovanovic

In Belgrade, Serbia, there’s a small school that’s doing a wonderful work in helping disabled children discover their natural talents, learn basic skills, and use those skills to become productive in society.


“We provide occupational training to our students and prepare them for different types of employment,” said Dr. Dobrila Jovanovic, the lead doctor of the institution. “The purpose is really to help these children become as independent as possible.”

The training they provide lasts anywhere between six to twelve months depending on the child. The institution can only accept up to twenty students at a time, and the waiting list to get in is quite long.


Most of these children cannot be taught to read and write, but they’re very gifted children. They’re gifted with their hands. At the institution, some of the children learn to create beautiful crafts. Others learn to do basic gardening. They also learn how they can use those skills to support themselves in the future.

“If this institution didn’t exist, the children here would either be placed in an orphanage or some type of home,” Dr. Jovanovic said. “Other children would have to stay home with their parents, and as a result, their parents wouldn’t be able to go to work.”


This school has only been up and running for a few years. Since they don’t receive any funding from the government, the doctors and staff have to finance the school on their own. They do that buy selling the crafts that the children create.


“Right now, we need help providing the children breakfast and lunch, which costs $50 a month per child,” she said. With twenty students at the school, it would cost $1,000 every month to make sure each child has breakfast and lunch.

“Another difficulty we have is in regards to accessing the building,” she continued. “We need to build a ramp to make it easier for the children who are in wheelchairs.”


At the present time, there are steps leading up to the building, so the children in wheelchairs have to be carried in and out by their parents and the nurses, which can be hard and also very dangerous in the wintertime.

Dr. Jovanovic also mentioned that they need to extend and improve their gardening training by building a greenhouse behind the school. With a greenhouse, the children would be able to learn more about gardening, and they can also sell the produce to help finance the school.


We want to encourage you to consider partnering up with us so we can make these things happen. These children are so precious to our Lord. Some people would consider them worthless just because they’re disabled, but God doesn’t see them as worthless. He loves them so much. He doesn’t look at their disabilities. He looks at their talents.


These children are very gifted, and because of the training they receive at this school, they have an opportunity to use their gifts to better their futures. If we help support this institution, we would be helping these very special children be a blessing to their society. Please do something. Whatever God is enabling you to do, please do it today.