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Faithful Believers Having Church Outside

Just 12 km north of Belgrade, there’s a group of believers that are on fire God. They joyfully meet on a weekly basis to worship the Lord and hear the preaching of His Word. But they don’t have the luxury of meeting inside a building like we do. They meet under the open skies near swamplands and a junkyard. Rain, snow, heat, or cold – it doesn’t matter. These believers love the Lord and are happy to have church.

It’s wonderful to see such dedication in these Christians. But at the same time, it’s heartbreaking to see them struggle for warmth in the wintertime – mothers trying to protect their babies from the wind, and children huddling together to keep warm.

When Rev. Krstevski visited them in December to minister the Word of God and distribute much needed humanitarian aid, he saw firsthand what a church meeting was like in the wintertime. Both adults and children, bundled in their warmest clothes, stood outside in the bitter cold singing worship songs to God while clapping their near-frozen hands.

The children often shouted, “Come on, let’s sing a fast and lively song! We need to move around and dance!” As the worship leader played a faster song on his guitar, the people jumped up and down and danced before the Lord – not just because the Spirit moved them, but more so because they wanted to keep warm.

Watching these Christians worship under such harsh conditions is absolutely tear wrenching. They love the Lord so much that they faithfully meet every single week for church even though they know they have to be outside. Not all of us believers in North America can say we’d do that every week. But in the Balkans, they don’t have much choice.

The pastor of this flock is a great man of God that SLM supports, and he has asked us for assistance in purchasing a church facility. These people are very poor. They can barely afford to buy food for themselves, let alone build a church facility. They need believers in North America to take what God has blessed us with and extend it across the world and provide them with a place where they can worship God. Whatever you can do would be greatly appreciated. Please pray and consider what God would lead you to do to help these desperate Christians.