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Asima lives in Belgrade, Serbia with her husband and their six children (five sons and one daughter). It was a privilege for us to visit that area a few years ago to distribute humanitarian aid and preach the gospel. As a result of our efforts, a little congregation formed in that community, and Asima and her family now attend that small church.


It’s hard to imagine that a Christian family with six children are living with no heating, no running water, no sewage system, and no food. In order to survive, they have to go to the garbage dumps and collect whatever they can.


“If we find something we can sell then we try to sell it. If we find something edible, then we give it our children,” Asima said. “But often the inspectors don’t allow us to collect from the garbage, so sometimes we’re not able to feed our children.”


Asima also shared that it’s especially hard for them to survive during the winter. “It gets very cold here in the winter,” she said. “We don’t have enough firewood so it’s very difficult for us to keep warm.”


Asima’s six children range from ages twenty-two to just three years old. And none of them go to school. Because Asima is refugee with no documentation, she’s unable to send any of her children to school.


Praise God that when we visited that area again, we were able to distribute more humanitarian aid to the families in that community. It was a joy to see how happy they were when they received their packages of food, hygiene items, and blankets.


“This means so much to us,” Asima said after she received the aid. “We didn’t have anything to eat until we received this food. Now we have something to eat. Our children were dirty without these hygiene items, so this really helps us. We’re very thankful that you’ve come to help us in this way.”


It was wonderful to have been able to help Asima, but we need to do so much more for her and her family. We want to encourage you to pray for this family and consider what God would lead you to do for them. In that community, there are hundreds of families just like Asima’s who need our assistance.

It would cost $200 to provide a month’s supply of basic food for a family, and it would cost $750 to provide a winter’s supply of firewood for a family. Search your heart and see what you can do to help these people. Whatever you’re able to do, please do it today.