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Ankica Daydreams of Food

Rev. Krstevski with Ankica and her family

Ankica lost one of her eyes; she lives with her husband and nine children in a one room home. Her husband was out picking and sorting through garbage bins, as were her older children in hopes to find something to sell or to eat. The younger children stayed at home with their mother. The roof on their cardboard home constantly leaks. It is difficult to breath in her home from all the wetness and the mould. The whole family is sick from these awful conditions that we could never imagine having to live in.

When we visited her it was around lunchtime and she talked about how she imagined preparing something for lunch for us all. She talked about what she would get from the refrigerator and what she could cook. But then this daydream ended and she remembered that there was no food to prepare; no fridge to get food from; and there is no stove. This was a dream world and she would fall apart in great despair.

Ljiljana with couple
Ljiljana visits a poor couple in the shantytown. Shining Light Ministries was able to provide care packages to a number of families.
Family collecting garbage
A poor family on the outskirts of Belgrade. They sift through the city's garbage to collect much-needed food.