Shining Light Ministries
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Missions Projects

The ongoing projects of Shining Light Ministries include the following:

Church Planters

Sponsor local pastors in planting a church in the Balkans.

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Lay Leadership Training

Sponsor seminars, pastors schools and other training sessions.

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Missions Base in the Balkans

A central location from where to do ministry, host teams, and perform leadership training.

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Bibles and Bible Tools

People are in desparate need of God's Word!

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Christian Missions Teams

An opportunity for you to see our ministry in the Balkans first hand.

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Christmas Blessing

Make the Christmas season special for a family in the Balkans this year.

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Orphaned Children

There are tens of thousands of orphans as the result of years of civil war.

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Refugee Families

We are currently focusing on the needs of Serbian refugees in Serbia, an often forgotten group.

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