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God's Formula for a Happy Marriage

For a suggested donation of $20 or more we will send you the book "God's Formula for a Happy Marriage" upon request. (Available in English and Serbian)

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English Edition

Serbian Edition
Our marriage book, God's Formula for a Happy Marriage that we published in English has also been translated and published in the Serbian language. We have added to the Serbian addition also Slobodan and Ljiljana Krstevski's personal salvation stories, as well as our little Gospel tract "How to have Peace with God". Russian and Croatian versions of the book are being prepared. Funds are needed to pay the translator, editor and the publishing. We would need $6,000 for both versions to be completed. Your help would be greatly appreciated for this evangelistic tool as well a tool to strengthen marriages.


Slobodan and Ljiljana Krstevski

Thank you for deciding to look at this book.

Ljiljana and I know that God has blessed our marriage. So we want to share our experiences and, by doing so, encourage others to find marriage enrichment. Matrimony was designed to hold enough pleasure, companionship and love to last a lifetime. God planned it that way. The choices are yours. Hopefully, this book will offer tools to help you find the joy in your marriage that we have found in ours.

In our relationship, we complement each other rather than compete with each other. It was not always this way. We learned that marriage is a two-way street. We also realized that a loving relationship is designed not to take but to give, not to be served but to serve. It made all the difference in the world. As we became transparent to each other, our marriage was enriched and took on a new dimension. Knowing Jesus Christ in a personal way allowed us to realize this.

In this book, we share with you some of our personal encounters with God. And we have also included a few notes on how you can make your personal peace with God. We believe that a relationship with God is the basis for living at peace and harmony with each other. The choice is yours. The steps are simple.

There is no other person on the entire planet that we would rather spend time with than with each other. God has sweetened our relationship with a real, genuine love for each other. We are best friends. And He has blessed us with five wonderful children: Sara, David, Peter, Joshua and Elisabeth.

Our prayer is that by reading this book, God will bless and energize your marriage. Perhaps some personal healing will take place, too.

Slobodan and Ljiljana

Sara, David, Peter, Joshua and Elisabeth Krstevski


Step 1 - Choosing a Mate: Fact or Fantasy
Step 2 - Celebrate the Differences
Step 3 - Intimacy and Sex: God's Gift