Rev. David Krstevski

The call of every Christian is to be an ambassador and missionary in every place and area of our lives. Associate pastor, Rev. David Krstevski recalls preaching his first sermon on the mission field when he was just 10 years old. And it went something like this:

“We all have a body, mind, and spirit. But the most important is our spirit. Just like we go to the fridge everyday to feed our bodies we need to feed our spirits with the Bible by reading it everyday. The priority should be spirit, then mind, and then body. Read your Bible and pray everyday.”

And that was it.

Holding on to the call from the Lord to minister David Krstevski obtained a Communications Degree majoring in Television and Radio broadcasting from Evangel University. As a credentialed minister David seeks to inspire his generation to realize their integral purpose to make a positive difference in the Kingdom of God. He has a passion for evangelism and through his social media sites, personal pulpit ministry, and first hand missions efforts he has won literally hundreds of people to Christ and engaged thousands of them in the work of missions and evangelism especially in the Balkans.

Rev. David Krstevski is Kingdom minded, and as a dynamic communicator and networker he is reaching people cross generationally for Christ and the work of the Kingdom.

David has been involved in ministry since 2006, via ministry on the mission field in the Western Balkans, distributing aid, preaching, video recording, and also preaching and prayer ministry here in North America.


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Ministry Endorsements:

Dr. James Bradford,  General Secretary of the Assemblies of God:

“It is my privilege to recommend to you the life and ministry of a wonderful young leader, David J. Krstevski.  Although I have known his father for many years, it was David himself who initiated contact with me while he was a student at Evangel University. As we were able to know one another, I became impressed with his humble confidence, his willingness to take initiative, his passion for Christ’s mission in the world, and his teachable spirit. He was also an exceptional student. As a young man, he embodies so much of the best to which we all aspire.

David has embraced full-heartedly the call of God on his life. Through Shining Light Ministries, he is reaching out to serve the great humanitarian and spiritual needs of the Balkans. He is very adept as a communicator and networker. David also skillfully uses social media and continues to be an initiator. His life personally is marked by character and integrity.

I highly recommend David Krstevski and his ministry to you.”

Bishop Tommy Reid, Emeritus at The Tabernacle:

“I am thrilled to introduce to you a very talented young minister, Rev. David Krstevski. It has been my privilege to personally know David for several years. The Krstevski family have been very faithful members of our church, The Tabernacle for several years.

I can attest to his sincere desire to live a very committed Christian life, both personally and in relationship to his calling and ministry . David is kingdom minded and I have personally witnessed to his genuine call to minister the Word of God.

His social media sites have several thousands of followers. He has a passion for evangelism and through his social media sites and personal pulpit ministry he has won literally hundreds of people to Christ and engaged hundreds of them in the work of missions, especially for the Balkan people. In the Balkan nations, he is engaged personally in ministry of both the Word of God and very extensive humanitarian aid efforts to meet the tangible and real physical needs of widows, orphans and impoverished Christians. He shares a very “Word Based” ministry with his father at Shining Light Ministries.”

Dr. Ron Burgio, Pastor Love Joy & former president of Elim Fellowship International:

“I’ve only known Rev. David Krstevski for three years, but already I’m impressed with his godly character, his communication skills and knowledge of the Word of God.

One thing that counts very highly with me is loyalty to leadership, and David has demonstrated that with the support of his father, Rev. Slobodan Krstevski and their ministry of Shining Light.

David is reliable and has a genuine call to the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Duane Durst, District Superintendent at New York Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God: 

“I want to let you know about Shining Light Ministries and the Krstevski’s. In particular Slobodan and his son David Krstevski who serve so diligently in this ministry. Our district executive presbytery has endorsed them as a ministry out of the New York District. We encourage our churches and our families across the district to support them financially. We encourage them to open their hearts. There is a tremendous need, yet tremendous open doors, and tremendous opportunity. So we encourage you to open your heart, open your church, open your wallets and support Shining Light Ministries and the Krstevski family.”